Connie had not been in the gym for over two years. Find out how she has unlocked her superpowers and is feeling fitter, stronger & healthier since joining 3BFIT. 

"When I first started at 3BFIT Ihad not exercised in two years and

I was really embarrassed about that.


"The whole prospect of looking at new gyms especially being new to the

area was just daunting"


"I've done the whole join a big gym show up there for

the first time and not really know what I was doing. "


"I tried the whole show up run for 15 minutes on a treadmill,

lift a couple things and tell myself I'm too tired to do this and

go home and feel like you're wasting the money on the gym

membership and not actually doing enough work to get any benefit out of it.

"I'd then feel worse about myself." 

"I wanted something different


"The biggest difference now as opposed 

to where I used to  work out is that I feel

like I have accountability and it's not like anybody judges you

if you miss a session it's not what this is about.


"The biggest difference in my body

is but well first really noticed is that

I can walk up this huge flight of stairs

that I normally couldn't without been out of breath."


"Being here for nine months which is very different than the

first couple months I can do push-ups now just huge I was never

able to do proper push-ups you know and I'm this close to doing

a pull-up which I have never been able to do even when I was a little girl

so this is pretty it's cool like it's like unlocking your superpowers"

The difference in my energy is huge. I don't get tired at the end of the

days so much you know I definitely notice that I still have energy at the

end of my day."

"If somebody was thinking about

joining 3BFIT what I would say

we've all been on the outside looking in

everybody here has been new to the club before,


so you definitely are welcome and

nobody's here to judge you who everybody

just genuinely wants to see you succeed

and do well and feel better about

yourselves whatever that may mean to you

I'd say try it out because you'll never

go back you just won't it's so great!"




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