7 Top Tips To Reducing Bloating

After an unbelievable Christmas full of fun and good times I have to admit I’m feel a little be bloated and sluggish this week.

While I don’t feel one bit guilty any of it, I feel it’s time to start getting things back on track.

If you’re feeling similar here are my top 7 tips for reducing bloating.

Precision Nutrition Ultimate Portion Control Guide
  1. Check your portion sizes/ Take your time when eating Our portions sizes may of been a little bigger over the last few weeks so reducing your portion sizes would be the first thing to look at. Check out Precision Nutrition's "Ultimate Portion Control Guide" below. This image shows the different portion sizes between men(two hands) and women(one hand).

  1. Replace fizzy drinks with peppermint or green tea. Both peppermint and green tea are great for helping settle down bloating.

  1. Reduce your alcohol intake/take a break for a few days. With New Year's just around the corner a few days off the booze will help reduce bloating. It will also give your liver time to repair!!

  1. Replace the sugar snacks and treats Replacement snacks like nut, fruit or even our mint choc protein bar below.

  1. Increase your water intake This will help flush out the toxins in your body and ensure you are properly hydrated.

  1. Get out for a 20min walk

  1. Take a probiotic By adding more probiotic foods into your diet, you could see all a whole host of health benefits such as stronger immune system, improved digestion, increased energy, healthier skin, reduced cold and flu plus many more. Probiotics can be taken in supplement form or found in the following foods

If your looking to get a kickstart on your health and fitness goals for 2018 and would like some help doing so CLICK THE LINK BELOW, fill in the form and we'll get you on the right track to kicking ass in the new year!!

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